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Installing crude

  1. Download or build the binaries (Crude.Common, Crude.Core, Crude.Tasks, Crude.VisualStudioAddin.AddIn)
  2. Copy the binaries, Crude.tasks, and OutputTypes.xml and to some folder
  3. Go to windows environment variables and define the next variables
    1. CrudeBinPath - the location where you copied the binaries and the xml files
    2. CrudeLocalPath - the local repository path
    3. CrudeRemotePath - the remote repository path (some smb folder you created)
  4. Copy Crude.VisualStudioAddin.AddIn from the Crude.VisualStudioAddin.AddIn or the downloaded zip to My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Addins
  5. Edit Crude.VisualStudioAddin.AddIn and set the Assembly element to the location of #CrudeBinPath#\Crude.VisualStudioAddin.AddIn (Replace #CrudeBinPath# with the location of crude bin path)
  6. Restart visual studio
  7. Crude is now installed

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