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What is Crude?

Crude is light dependency management for .Net, manage dependency between in-house projects and between in-house projects to third-party assemblies.

Instead of manage remote folder with all the assemblies you reference (both third party and in-house) let Crude manage your assemblies, resolve to the right version and manage the dependency between the assemblies.

Following are some of the problems Crude can help you solve

Problem: You released a new version of a infrastructure assembly
Current solution: copy the new binary to remote folder contains all the assemblies with all the binary dependency or copy to a source controlled folder
Crude solution: Right click and choose "Publish to remote" in the infrastructure project, right click and Project Dependencies, click the version link and choose the new infrastructure version.

Problem: Always want to hold a reference to the latest binary available (night build)
Current solution: Create a script which copy the night build to the remote folder or committing the binaries to the source controlled folder.
Crude solution: Choose "PublishRemote" as the target for the build server and set the version of the Reference to * (latest version).

Problem: Want to upgrade third party assembly of a specific project
Current solution: create a new folder in the remote folder for the new version of the third party assembly, open the specific project or projects, remove the old reference and add new reference to the new version.
Crude solution: Just add the assembly to the repository using the third party tool and change the dependency version of the specific project.


• Local Repository and Remote Repository
• Integration with msbuild (just build and the reference will get solved)
• Publish to local repository for debug purpose
• Publish with pdb files
• Update local repository
• Visual studio add-in (no command line required)
• Quick setup
• Auto update thereference


Crude is now fully functional but not tested enough, also the documentation is still not complete.
Crude is now being tested by my company.

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